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What is it?

You control The Teller; a ex-fortune teller con artist in the CP Karbon spaceport where you’ll take your profession to the next level by removing ‘con’ factor. With help from a demon of questionable morality your previously fake fortunes now become the truth when handed to a customer. Giving you the power to change an individual's fortune through a simple flash of a tarot card.

How does it play?

Tarot Future plays like a regular card game, cards are drawn from your deck to form your hand. Cards in your hand can be shown to your alien customers (at the expense of their patience) to get their interpretation of its meaning. From the information gained your objective is to deduce the alien's problems and give them one of 22 Major Arcana Tarot Cards to change their and/or your future for the better. As you help more and more aliens you see your futures shape the world with different customers appearing to you based on who you do and don't help. Sometimes choosing not to help a customer is in your best interest; they maybe out to get you or a faction your aligning yourself with.


Tarot Future is a prototype so expect some minor bugs and a rushed ending, hopefully the game has enough content to serve as an enjoyable concept :)

Install instructions

Please extract the entire Tarot Future folder and keep it intact. It references fonts from that folder.


Tarot Future.zip 117 MB

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