A downloadable game

Requires Leap Motion to play

Slime's flying hands, occasionally in space is an on-rails shooter on an slime inhabited planet. Your mission given from General Goop herself is a simple; go check out a hole!  Things take a turn for the worse, however, when the arch-rivals of the slime's... squid's! make an appearance in the very hole you were task with investigating and now somehow your in space...


  • Use you hand to control your ship
  • Make hand gestures to activate abilities
  • Shoot squids
  • Go to space!
  • Get scared by spiders
  • Shoot bigger squids
  • Play rock,paper,scissors with a squid
  • Meet slime's

The game takes around 10 minutes to complete, created as a prototype for the Leap Motion.

Install instructions

Extract the Slimes.zip folder ensuring the contents remain together and launch 'Testing.exe' to play


Slimes.zip 281 MB

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